Calling All Pens Charity Game Participants!

Show us how you’ve displayed past charity bag items and be featured on KDKA’s Fan N’ation

We are looking for some dedicated Penguins fans who support the Lemieux Foundation and Penguins Foundation by participating regularly in the Penguins Charity Game on AT&T SportsNet!

If you have purchased a charity bag in the past and would like to be featured on KDKA’s Fan N’ation, please fill out the form below.  We are looking for a couple of fans who can show us how they have used their past bag items (fan caves, living room displays, etc.) and/or share their stories as to why they participate.  

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Interview will be conducted via Zoom or in-person.
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Please share a photo of how you've displayed your charity bag items, of your fan cave, or any photo that shows how you've participated in the Penguins Charity Game!