The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center

The Mario Lemieux Foundation created unique spaces at The Children’s Home in 2007 collectively called the Lemieux Family Center, when The Children’s Home relocated from Shadyside to a new location in Friendship. The goal of the Lemieux Family Center is to support and nurture families during the difficult process of transitioning from hospital care to life back at home.

The Lemieux Family Center includes living spaces that allow for special family time and create a sense of home and comfort for the children and families we serve.

Family spaces and children’s play spaces are located throughout The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center. Whether they are a patient, visiting a sibling, visiting Child’s Way, or meeting a new brother or sister for the first time, children are meant to feel welcome and at home. An Austin’s Playroom for siblings is situated at the center of the family living area.

A Liliput play house is part of the outdoor play space located in the spacious back yard of The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center. This special play space includes accessible swings, jungle gyms, and play equipment for children at Child’s Way, patients in the hospital and their siblings.

Many amenities are complimentary for families including:

  • Parking
  • Sibling play areas
  • Transportation
  • The family living area
  • Laptop lending computers
  • Outside play spaces
  • Child friendly activities

The Lemieux Family Center includes:

The Lemieux Family Center is designed to be a home away from home. Families are given the opportunity to spend one or more nights in a private bedroom with their child. While nesting, families can practice providing care on their own. Each room is equipped with an emergency call system to provide families with the security of knowing that help is available within seconds if needed.

  • 8 private bedrooms
  • 2 full kitchens
  • 2 living and dining areas
  • bathrooms with spacious showers
  • free laundry
  • Austin’s Playroom
  • outdoor playground

In addition to the Lemieux Family Center, there are many other family spaces throughout the facility, both indoors and outdoors. These family spaces are available for private time, play time, and to make families stays more comfortable.