More Courageous Together

During this time of uncertainty it is more important than ever that we stay connected, because we are in fact more courageous together. Everyone has in some way or another been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are many people here in our own community that need extra help and care.

Patients at Risk

Cancer patients are especially at high risk due to compromised immune systems. If you know someone who has cancer, or a caregiver for someone who has cancer, please remember the importance of social distancing and the importance of keeping in touch through phone calls or video chats.

Support Local Businesses

While we explore other ways to get involved, we ask that you join us in supporting local businesses, healthcare workers, grocery store employees and all of the others that have been affected most by COVID-19. This could be buying gift cards from local stores and donating them to those who can no longer afford groceries or to those who are working endless hours to keep our community going. This could be as simple as saying thank you.

Impact on the Lemieux Foundation

The Mario Lemieux Foundation stands behind its dedication to cancer research and patient care. Cancer patients with already compromised immune systems are more vulnerable than ever, and it’s important that we continue the fight against this disease. While many of our Austin’s Playrooms are currently closed, or operating with limited resources, we continue to not only maintain and update current rooms, but move forward with building new rooms so hopefully, one day soon, children and families can resume taking advantage of their many benefits.

We hope that you will join us in keeping these initiatives going, by either donating to the Mario Lemieux Foundation, or by participating in a fundraising program below.

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