Lemieux Sibling Center

The original concept of Austin's Playrooms was to create a space for the siblings of the children who were receiving medical attention to give families the opportunity to tend to their sick child without having to worry about the safety of their well child. Founded in 2008 as part of the Foundation's $1.6M gift, the Lemieux Sibling Center at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is the perfect example of the kind of sibling care the Lemieuxs envisioned.

The Lemieux Sibling Center supports the needs of the entire family all at once. By permitting families to focus on the child being evaluated without the distraction of siblings, detailed conversations between physicians and parents occur undisturbed. Siblings of the patient are supervised in the center by Child Life Specialists who engage these children in age-appropriate activities and therapeutic arts and crafts. This reduces the anxiety and fear siblings experience regarding their brother or sister’s clinic or hospital visit.
Andrew H. Urbach, MD
Medical Director for Patient Experience and Development, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

What Does the Lemieux Sibling Center Offer?

  • A hands-on learning experience to reduce anxiety and fears
  • Age-appropriate activities for children to play out their range of feelings
  • Therapeutic arts and crafts activities
  • An introduction to medical equipment in a positive atmosphere
  • Opportunities to ask questions regarding their sibling’s hospital experience and get answers that they can understand
  • Education in a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere