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As a 26-year cancer survivor, I understand the importance of turning adversity into philanthropy. One way Nathalie and I decided to continue our support of cancer research and patient care is by naming the Foundation in our will. We want the projects of the Mario Lemieux Foundation to continue, long beyond our lifetimes, and making this legacy promise reinforces our commitment to cancer research and patient care.
Mario Lemieux Chairman
Mario Lemieux

Why make a Planned Gift?

  • Desire to support the Mario Lemieux Foundation
  • Desire to inspire others to support the Mario Lemieux Foundation
  • Create a lasting memorial for self or a loved one
  • Tax incentives
  • Give donors the ability to make a larger future gift than they may currently be able to give

Planned Giving Options:


Bequests are donations that are made through a will or a living trust. You can name the Mario Lemieux Foundation as a beneficiary in your will/estate for a specific amount or percentage.

Gift of Insurance

Life insurance is an excellent tool for making charitable gifts. Through a relatively small annual cost (the premium), a benefit far in excess of what would otherwise be possible can be provided for charity. This sizable gift can be made without impairing or diluting the control of a family business or other investments.

Gift of Retirement Fund Assets

Retirement plans (such as IRAs, 401(k)s, and other qualified plans) provide a very simple way to make a future charitable gift. On your plan’s beneficiary designation form, you simply indicate the amount or percentage you would like to leave to the Mario Lemieux Foundation.
  • The Foundation may be designated as primary, secondary or contingent beneficiary for all or part of a donor’s qualified retirement plan such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), 401(k), Keogh, and others. Funds donated to charity from qualified retirement plans at the death of the donor are deductible from the estate and avoid all income tax.
  • Donors over 59½ may also choose to make withdrawals from their IRA accounts to fund a current gift to the Foundation. Such withdrawals are taxable but the donor would receive an offsetting income tax deduction for their gift.
  • Donors age 70 ½ years of age or older may choose to make a gift to the Foundation by direct transfer from their qualified retirement account. The IRA Rollover Act made permanent in 2016 makes it possible for donors over the age of 70½ and older to make charitable gifts by direct transfer from their qualified retirement accounts of up to $100,000 tax free. The donor does not receive a tax deduction and the asset must be transferred directly from the plan to the charity.
All donors should consult with their personal professional advisors before making a planned gift to the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

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