Winter Challenge Good Move App Tracking Update

Updated: January 5, 2024

Thank you for your patience regarding the tracking and leaderboard issues with the Good Move app. Good Move identified the bug that caused tracking errors on January 1. The app should properly track your miles for activities starting January 2 and moving forward.

Important Updates:

  • For activities on January 1 that were not tracked, Good Move retroactively added the activities for the affected users. This means if you made several attempts to add your activity, it is likely being counted multiple times. To make sure it is tracking your actual mileage earned, please update your activities within the tracking app you connected to Good Move. For those who are manually adding activities, Good Move is working on removing duplicate entries.
  • Please note that the leaderboard displays miles earned rather than points. Everyone who earns 6600 points will be eligible for prizes. The point system exists so we can account for partial miles. 1 mile equals 100 points, except for biking, which is 3 miles equal 100 points. You can view your points earned by checking out My Page within the event.
  • You may also notice Daily Total has been removed as an activity moving forward. We found it was duplicating work outs for participants using an Apple Watch and automatically counts steps taken outside of a workout.

Don’t sweat it if you’re not at the top of the leaderboard. You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself in this challenge, and the goal is to support and motivate you to keep moving in 2024! As long as you earn 6600 points by March 6, you will be eligible for the prize drawing.

If you continue to have any problems with the tracking app, please reach out to Good Move customer service at

We appreciate your support of the Mario Lemieux Foundation and apologize for the inconvenience. Now let’s keep moving!

– Your Friends at the Mario Lemieux Foundation