A Truly Healing Center

A Truly Healing Center Dear Mario Lemieux Foundation, Mr and Mrs. Lemieux , In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Follicular NHL. For 2 1/2 years I received treatment at The Hillman Cancer Center. As thankful as I was for this advanced cancer center, I always felt it was not designed for the comfort of the patients. The actual treatment area was so sterile, no pictures on the wall, no hooks for coats, TVs that were broken, etc.  In addition, the nurses had to go down the hall to bring a chair for them to sit in while inserting needles.   It was not a comforting place to sit while I received my medications for 4 hours.  Then while waiting for a doctors appointment was like waiting in a bus station- rows of chairs, loudTVs, bing shuffled from one nurses station to the next before even getting to the room to see the doctor.  Ugh, it felt so impersonal.

To my surprise my nurse took my vitals, history AND did my blood draw all in the same room!

Today I had my doctors appointment on the 4th Floor Mario Lemieux Center. I could not believe that I was in the same building.  First walking in I noticed how bright but nature feeling the environment felt. Then I realized it was so quiet.  Sitting while waiting to see the doctor felt like being in a high class spa.  The nurse came to get me and we went to another calm room. I was expecting to be shuffled into several more rooms by many more nurses. To my surprise my nurse took my vitals, history AND did my blood draw all in the same room! Then my Doctor came to me I that same room! Then the same nurse came back in the same room to provide me with my follow up information.

I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful the process made me feel more like a human being cared for and not just shuffled through “the system”.  Your design of the floor is so very beautiful, calming, nurturing and healing.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to make the Mario Lemieux Cancer Center.  There are no words to explain how I appreciate all the attention to every detail that was put into the design and work/patient flow. It really makes such a huge difference as a patient.  I do not know how the treatment area is different than the 3rd floor (and no offense but I hope I don’t experience that area). But if the treatment area is similar to the office area I have no doubt that  the patients will feel so much more nurtured during a difficult time in their health crisis.

Thank you for ALL the details you added to the Mario Lemiex Cancer Center. You built a truly healing center.